Water Issues Update and Closing the Gate

Bad news: puddle jumping in the parkade after a heavy downpour.

Good news: the matter has been investigated. It can , and will, be fixed without too much cost or fuss. Read Ric’s latest Manager’s Memo for a detailed explanation of the causes and solutions. Also great to have the engineer confirm the drainage was done properly in the new front yard landscaping, yeah!

Bad news: the leak under the stairs and into Unit 5  from the flower bed on the north side of the courtyard.

Good news: as long as we don’t water there, especially near the foundation, there are no leaks. Even better, all the areas around the courtyard foundation will be resealed during the garage membrane replacement next year. Meanwhile, please, no extra watering anywhere near the foundation. That’s why we have rocks and drainage instead of plants near the foundation at the front.

Bad news: noise and security of the courtyard gate. Slamming the gate not only wakes sleeping babies, a very unfriendly thing to do,  it also usually results in the gate not closing properly, not a security friendly option.

Good news: When Caetano returns from holidays in a few days he will be adding a small weight to the wire to help with the ease of closing. Meanwhile, there is an incredibly simple and cost effective solution to this problem. Pull the gate closed quietly and pull down the latch. Then bask in the warm glow of knowing you have been a good neighbour. Not waking sleeping babies also earns you extra karma points. I am sure there is a rule about that.

Next Board Meeting, Monday August 18 at 7 pm. If you have any questions or concerns you would like addressed by the board please drop us a note in Box 41. Remember to include your name and unit number on all correspondence.

Happy summer everyone.