Chanticleer By-Laws

Condominiums in Alberta are governed by the Condominium Property Act  and the Regulations pertaining to the Act.

In addition, condominium corporations have  local rules, by-laws, to promote the health, safety and well-being of  their particular residents and visitors. In case of conflict the rules of the Condominium Act prevail over corporation by-laws.

In order to carry out its duty to manage the corporation and the common property, the Board develops and publishes policies and procedures.

All residents and owners need to be aware of and follow these by-laws, policies and procedures. Questions or concerns about by-laws should be addressed to the board through Box 41.

Chanticleer Bylaws

2020-12 Chanticleer Bylaw Amendments

Note: these 2020-12 changes replace the applicable sections in the longer Bylaw Document, above, and bring us into compliance with current provincial legislation.

5 comments on “Chanticleer By-Laws
  1. Mira Zorniak says:

    I am the owner of suite 11. I understand that there is an owner section for the chanticleer website and I was supposed to get a password. I cannot recall what that password is. I would appreciate it if you can forward that password to me. Thank you, Mira

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