Safety & Security

Security is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Always report a missing door or garage fob IMMEDIATELY
  • Prevent intruders: stop and wait an extra 10 seconds when entering/exiting via the parkade ramp. It takes 10 seconds or less for the door to start closing.
  • If you don’t recognize someone as you enter/exit the building, don’t let them in. It’s not rude, it’s cautious.
  • Never leave a building door propped open and unattended, even for a short time. Moving in/out must be planned and properly monitored: check the policy.
  • If you find a building door propped open and unattended, close it.
  • Check to see that exterior doors/gates close and lock behind you.
  • Ensure any visitors, especially trades people, follow these procedures.
  • Do not allow anyone who buzzes your suite to gain entrance unless they are expected and/or properly identified. “Hi, it’s me” is not proper identification.
  • Report any broken lights or locks to management immediately.

Please report any theft or suspicious activity to management and police, take pictures if possible but do not put yourself in harm’s way.

911 (if there is an immediate threat or crime in progress).

Non-emergency: 780-423-4567, Mobile #377 or

Reporting criminal activity to the police helps them track patterns in the neighbourhood.

Reporting to management helps us improve security measures as needed.

  • Include the date and time in any report to management so they can check security cameras.