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Bike Parking & Security

The Chanticleer provides bike parking in our parking garage. However security is relative to the attention paid by all residents.

What can you do to help?


Only admit your own guests and people you recognize into the building.
Ensure exterior doors close behind you, including the garage door.
Immediately report any problems with doors or building lighting to our property manager.

BIKE OWNERS: make our building less appealing to thieves

Unlocked bikes are an invitation to thieves, and they talk to each other.” Edmonton Police Service member who investigated a theft in the building.
Even if you have an old or cheap bike, lock it up, using u-bolt or carbon or heavy chain locks (not cable locks, which are easy to cut).
Register your bikes with BikeIndex.orgRegistration is free. Even if a bike is not especially expensive, if it is stolen Bike Index registration with recovery, and can help the police prosecute a thief.

Read this CTV news article for more information.