Information for Residents

By-laws, Policies & Procedures, Updates and other useful information for residents are posted in this section. Check the drop down menu.

All owners and residents who agree to receive information electronically help reduce costs to the corporation, and paper waste.

Please fill out the Authorisation for Service by Email form and return to the property manager via email or box 41.

Owners and tenants who submit the service for email form will receive our e-newsletter and other important Chanticleer information.

Please Note: This web site is a public space and most areas are open to viewing by the general public.

Chanticleer Owners please contact the Property Manager for access to the password protected areas of the website.

Did you know?

As a Chanticleer Owner you are a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). You can sign in to their website, read the very informative magazine, and attend information sessions, some free, some at a reduced rate.   Great resource!


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