Pets in the Chanticleer

Pets are limited to the kind and number permitted by the Chanticleer By-Laws, and must receive advanced permission for residency from the Board, via the Property Manager.

Currently only one cat, OR one bird OR one fish is permitted per unit, and neither the Board nor manager has the authority to make exceptions without a by-law change.

Licensed service animals are permitted in accordance with legal requirements and appropriate documentation.

Visiting Pet Policy

As per the by-laws residents must request permission in advance for a visiting pet and the Board may grant permission for a visit of up to two weeks. The Board also has the discretion to withdraw permission for a visiting pet to remain on the premises. Please make your request through the management company.

  • The Board normally grants permission for visiting pets when given notice in advance.
  • Permission will be rescinded if there are complaints or concerns: noise, cleanliness, or safety issues.
  • The Board will notify residents when a visiting animal has been approved to avoid misunderstandings and undue concerns.

Certified Service Animals

Residents are asked to send the management company a copy of the service animal’s license prior to the animal’s visit or residence in the building. This can be done by email or Box 41.

Advance notice of a visiting or resident certified service animal will allow us to communicate with all residents and avoid misunderstandings.

NOTE: Although it is unlikely to happen, the Board can request removal of a service animal if there are complaints or concerns: noise, cleanliness, or safety issues.