Parking Garage Information

  • All parking stalls are part of the common property and as such, administered by Chanticleer Condominium Corporation Board.
  • One stall per unit is assigned for exclusive use of that unit as per the parking map in the Bylaws.
  • The four extra stalls are administered and rented by the management company in compliance with the Parking Stall Rental policy.
  • Neither the corporation, nor owners/residents, may rent or sublet their parking stall to non-residents of the building.
  • Current bylaws allow for motor vehicles only to be stored in the parking stalls. Bicycles and other items may only be stored in areas designated by the Board. Personal Storage Units in parking stalls are only allowed with permission of the Board in accordance with the Parking Stall Storage Unit Policy.
  • No flammable materials are to be store in the garage, including storage units.
  • The garage overhead entry door can be operated by the building key or by a remote.
  • The garage door remotes are an optional accessory and extras can be purchased at the unit owner’s expense by contacting the property manager for authorization to purchase.
The garage door fobs :
  • are pre-programmed to work with our door, they have a one-year warranty (return to management if not working properly within the warranty year and they will look after replacement)
  • you can replace the battery yourself as needed
  • you cannot use any other type of “universal opener” with this  garage door system
  • if you need a replacement fob after the warranty year is up or you need an additional one, request through Box 41 with cheque (no cash) for $40
  • if you no longer need one of the fobs for which you have paid $40, and it is in good working order, return it to management for a refund
  • The manager can deactivate any fob as required for building security purposes. Please report a lost or stolen fob immediately.