Property Management

Zenith Realty & Property Management

The property management company oversees maintenance, financial administration and bylaw enforcement for the corporation at the direction of the Board, following Board policies and procedures.

They provide 24 x 7 building maintenance emergency response. In the event of a building maintenance emergency:

CALL : 780-504-8328 immediately!

Please refer to the graphic, below, for when and how to communicate with the Chanticleer management.

Property Manager
Niyi Bello (Bello), M.Sc., CPM®
Telephone: (780) 240 3161

Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (780) 756 8351
Fax: (780) 756 4415

Fire or Personal Safety Issues: call 911

Someone sleeping or camped on the property?

Call: 911 (police or ambulance) OR call 211, then #3,  to request a wellness check and transport to a shelter.

Chanticleer Management Business Hours:

9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday


by email or phone,  when:
– you plan a move in or out of the building
– you need to move a large item that might damage the elevators if unprotected
– you need to cut off power or water that will affect areas outside your suite
– you are doing repairs, renovations or maintenance that affect common property
– you wish to have a resident or visiting pet. Advanced notice helps us communicate to others and avoid unnecessary complaints.
– your unit will be vacant for a week or more.

Who does what around here?

Job Descriptions:

Property Manager: Bello, Zenith Realty and Property Management

  – Bookkeeping, Maintenance Supervision, Bylaw Enforcement Issues

Privacy Officer: a Board member appointed to deal with any issues around use of private information as per Alberta Government regulations. Contact:

Grounds Maintenance

Arinna and her Earth Legacy crew: establishment of, and ongoing garden maintenance, front and back. Their work includes weeding, light pruning, watering as needed and sidewalk snow removal in winter.

Markus is the friendly person who tends our gardens and winter sidewalks on a regular basis.

 Building Maintenance and Cleaning Job Description:

Maria Ferreira’s kindness and dedication to the cleaning and regular maintenance needs of this building are indeed a gift.

Move In/Out Monitorarranged through the property manager.

Residents are welcome to apply to the property manager if interested in this position. It is good to have back up.

BOOK your move times through the Property Manager, (see above) as per the move in/out policy.

WEBSITE: contact with suggestions for corrections, updates or additions.

The Chanticleer Condominium Corporation Board

Under the provisions of the Alberta Condominium Properties Act, the Board is responsible for the management of the finances, maintenance and operation, including by-law enforcement.

A detailed description of the Duties of a Board and Condominium Corporation can be found in the Chanticleer corporation bylaws, section 7,  or by clicking on the button below.

Chanticleer Contacts: (all board members) (includes newsletter)

OR leave a note/letter in  Box 41 in the mail room.

Please Note: If you expect a response to your message be sure to include your name and contact information. Anonymous letters will be ignored!

Current Chanticleer Condominium Corp. Board Members

President: Fletcher King
Vice-President: TBA
Treasurer: Chris Leeworthy
Secretary: Sebastian Larochelle
Member-at-large & Privacy Officer : Chantelle McNichol