Home Ownership

When you own your home, whether it is a house, duplex or condominium unit, you need to maintain it, hopefully in a planned and cost-effective way. So one of the key responsibilities of condominium owners is to participate in the management of their shared property.

Have you had a turn on the Board yet?

The overall responsibility for managing the property and finances of your condominium building lies with your elected volunteer Board, and even though  we have contracted with a professional management company that takes on much of the day-to-day work, the Board needs to provide direction, set policy, plan for the future and ensure accountability. All Board members are expected to follow the Chanticleer Code of Conduct.

New to condo living and condo Board duties?

Fortunately we have experienced people currently serving on our Board who are willing to help you learn the ropes, and as members of the Canadian Condominium Institute we have access to excellent resources and training opportunities. 

How much time and effort is required to be a condo Board member?

When you are elected to our volunteer condo Board (elections occur at our Annual General Meeting), your term commitment is 2 years.  The Board meets usually once a month, during the third week of the month, in person or via Zoom, in the early evening for 1 to 2 hours.  In between meetings, depending on the role you take on, there may be some things to attend to as your own timetable permits. 

What skills could you contribute?

Our condo Board is a team. No one person needs to be able to do everything. Would you be interested in producing a monthly electronic newsletter to help keep people informed?  Are you experienced at reading and analyzing financial statements? Do you have a particular interest in aesthetics and/or maintenance issues?

Please consider doing your part to contribute to the management of this property that we own together!  You can inform us of your willingness to consider serving by writing to the Board via Box 41 or ChanticleerBoard@gmail.com. We will follow up with you to discuss options and answer any questions you may have. 

Renting or Thinking of Renting Your Suite?

Does someone other than a registered owner live in your suite?

Our RENTAL GUIDE FOR CHANTICLEER OWNERS has the information you need.