Updates from the Board

Greetings Chanticleer Owners & Residents

The Minutes of the December board meeting are now available.

Highlights from the most recent meeting, Feb. 2 include the following:

Unit Repairs & Renovations:

More on this topic coming to the website very soon. Meanwhile, if you are planning major repairs or renovations, such as new flooring or anything that will alter the common property, please discuss it with the property manager in advance. We have no desire to control or interfere with your living space; however, there is a wealth of knowledge available that can help prevent problems and costly re do’s. Sometimes a repair is the condo corporation’s responsibility, not the owners. Such repairs must be approved and completed by board approved contractors.


Wording for the proposed Bylaw amendments has just been received and will be sent out for voting after the March board meeting. The Chanticleer’s lawyer has suggested a few more changes to bring our bylaws in line with the new legislation passed in December. The condominium act always takes precedence over bylaws so this is a good opportunity to clear up any conflicts between the wording in our bylaws and the act. More information to follow.

Good News: Post Tension Cable Inspection

The inspection has been completed and no work needs to be done at this time.

Bad News: Make Up Air Unit

The source of, and solution to, the nasty clanging noise that has been keeping some residents awake at night have finally been identified. Metal fatigue in one of the Make Up Air Units is the culprit. Replacing it is the solution, which will cost $11,000 + GST.

Courtyard Landscaping

After consultation with several firms, the board has engaged Earth Legacy, the company that did the front yard, to provide a design for the courtyard. Stay tuned for opportunities for input into the courtyard design and features. We will be circulating a questionnaire and providing an opportunity to meet with the landscapers before the design is approved.

Fire Safety

Please remember that smoke detectors inside the units are the owners responsibility. Set a date on your calendar to check them annually.

Next Board Meeting: March 16