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Updates on Many Fronts

Spring has sprung, The grass is gone, Well almost! Front yard update: work has started but delays are evident, as with all outdoor work, due to the late Spring thaw. Hope you enjoy watching the transformation unfold as the crew

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Snow in Oliver Already?

Ah,  thankfully, it’s just the ice clearing crew at the rink. But what’s worse than snow in Oliver in October? Not getting out to vote. That’s much worse. Show you care about your home and your community. Get out to

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Tweaks and changes

Summer draws to a close and change is in the air. Oliver Pool is closed for the season and it won’t be long before we see piles of snow in the park, from the ice rink of course,  hopefully not

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Welcome to the Chanticleer Community Forum

This forum is a place for Chanticleer residents and owners to exchange ideas and information related to the community. Please note this page will be moderated. Comments are expected to show respect for others and provide positive suggestions. Do you

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