Notes from the October 19 Board Meeting

New Board Member:

  • Due to conflicting work and study commitments, Luis Esteves, has resigned from the Board. Luis was in the second year of a two year term and we thank him for his service to the community.
  • The Board welcomes Damon MacLeod, Unit 31, who has agreed to serve as Director-at-Large for the remainder of the term.


  • The Board has approved a new budget for the upcoming year, Nov. 1, 2015-Oct. 31, 2016.
  • A copy of the budget will be emailed to all owners by the management company.
  • Condo fees will remain the same as this year.
  • All owners are reminded to sign up for direct withdrawl or submit post-dated cheques as soon as possible to avoid late charges.


  • With the change of auditor approved at the August AGM, the Board expects to be able to hold the annual general meeting much earlier this year. We are aiming for mid February; therefore, we do not plan to have a special budget meeting in November.
  • In the meantime, we will certainly respond to any questions or concerns submitted, as usual, via Box 41.

Parkade Membrane Replacement

  • The project is proceeding well, carefully overseen and manged by HPM.
  • Cement work has been completed and the first steps in the application of the membrane have begun.
  • Drainage board and insulation will be installed over the membrane followed by the soil and walkway materials.
  • Please remember: this area is restricted to work crews only until suitable walkways have been installed. This is to protect the mebrane and for your safety.

Laundry Room Taps Maintenance Survey

  • To avoid leaks and minimize costs we would like to ensure all laundry room taps are in good condition.
  • Could all owners please let us know whether your laundry room taps are originals or have been replaced at some time.
  • A note in Box 41 or an email to the manager , would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you are not sure, please make arrangements with the manager to have a look at them.

September 21 Board Meeting Minutes have now been posted.

Status of Bylaw Changes

  • The Board plans to review the recommendations from our legal counsel and establish a process to move forward with at least some of the proposed bylaw changes at our next meeting.

Next Board Meeting: Monday November 16