Safety, Security and Insurance Issues


Another, what’s wrong with this picture quiz. Security is everyone’s job. Please be vigilant, and make it a habit to check that doors and the gate close behind you.

Also, we all have to screw up our courage and challenge people who are trying to get into the building without a key. If they can’t show you a key and you don’t know them, don’t let them in. Simple as that. Just yesterday, Ric had to stop someone  attempting to slip in behind another couple. This person wanted to deliver flyers.  As a courtesy to others, make your key visible as you approach a door, even if someone is holding it open for you.

Fire Safety

Another good habit to develop: Give yourself a birthday present and make a date to check you smoke detector. Smoke detectors inside the suites are individual owners responsibilities. Smoke detectors save lives, but only  if they are working.

Avoid Flooding

Another important thing for owners to check is the age of the hoses on their washing machines. Consider replacing them with the metal coil variety. You are responsible for damage to surrounding suites.


Another issue highlighted by the recent condo fire in Edmonton. Many of the people affected by that fire had no insurance. How many times have we all heard/read news reports of renters who lose everything in fires and have no insurance. Condo insurance packages, and renter packages, are really not very expensive.  Owners, our building has a policy with a $15,000 deductible. Be sure you are covered should you, or your renters, be at fault for damage to common property.


Most of you are probably aware of the recent accident at Jasper & 119 St. where an Earl’s employee was hit while using the crosswalk. Apparently the city reviewed the crosswalk and found it meets standards. Well, the crosswalk might meet standards, but the drivers don’t. My friend  and I watched four, yes four, cars run through that crosswalk while we were in it  yesterday. I think we need a pedestrian operated signal at that corner, especially with the new seniors complex about to open on the corner, and The Pearl reaching completion down the block. Are they waiting for a fatality to convince them something needs to be done? If we hadn’t been very attentive, it could have been us.

If you agree,please write our City Councillor, Scott McKeen, and Mayor Don Iveson. You can do it on-line or by snail mail if you prefer.