Rental Unit Security Deposit Policy

All owners who rent their units are required to pay a flat rate, refundable deposit of $1,200.

  • This deposit is security against any damage to Chanticleer common property, and is returnable when the Unit is no longer rented or is sold.
  • This policy was introduced by the Board March 25, 2014 and the current amount was set April 29, 2014. Owners may see these archived Board minutes here.
  • This policy is in compliance with Section 53 of the Alberta Condominium Property Act and with the Chanticleer Bylaws.

All owners who rent, or are considering renting, their unit are asked to make themselves familiar with their responsibilities and the pertinent bylaws, especially section 3.24 Tenant and Occupiers.

Note: it is the Owners’ responsibility to provide current, accurate occupant information to the Board via the management company.

The legal rules for rental in a condominium building are different than those for a rental building.

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