Property Management Change

As previously announced our current property manager has resigned, effective May 1.

We would like to thank Ric for his many years of service to this community both on the Board and as Property Manager these past two years.

Please continue to contact Ric, as usual, with building issues until the end of April.

The Board would also like to thank Barry (Unit 23) and Sharon (Unit 4) for their assistance in the search and interview process.

We are now pleased to announce the appointment of Homestead Property Management and welcome Ted and Shirley Appelman as managers of the Chanticleer beginning May 1. Homestead is a small local management company with a solid background in condo management and construction. We look forward to working with them.

The Property Manager page will be updated, including contact information, for May 1.

Important Reminder to All Owners: please fill out the Courtyard Landscaping Questionnaire and return by April 30.