Privacy Policy

In accordance with the legal requirements of the province of Alberta, the Chanticleer Board has established a Privacy Policy for the corporation.

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Chanticleer Condominium Corporation Privacy Policy

Adopted January, 18, 2016

The Chanticleer Condominium Corporation (“Chanticleer”) is committed to protecting personal information that is collected from owners and tenants. Chanticleer commits to upholding its obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA.”) In accordance with this act, the personal information of owners and tenants will only be collected and shared when it is reasonable to do so.

  1. Privacy Officer

The Chanticleer Board of Directors will designate a Privacy Officer who will be responsible for the following:

1) Responding to requests for access to personal information;

2) Addressing issues that may arise concerning personal information;

3) Working with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner during the investigation of any privacy complainants against Chanticleer.

  1. Personal Information

Generally, Chanticleer will only collect or disclose personal information with consent. Consent can be provided in writing, orally, or can be implied through conduct—such as by filling out an information form. Chanticleer will notify individuals when and for what purpose their personal information is being collected.

The following are examples of personal information that Chanticleer regularly collects from owners and tenants:

1) occupant name, unit number and phone number;

2) email address;

3) banking information, (such as information required for direct deposit of condo fees);

4) information about pets that reside in a unit.

  1. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information will be available to members of the Chanticleer Board for the sole purpose of managing Chanticleer affairs. The following are examples of when personal information may be disclosed:

1) when Chanticleer is required by law to disclose personal information;

2) when consent is provided for disclosure;

3) when it is necessary to collect condo fees;

4) when it is necessary to provide third parties, such as contractors, with information necessary to complete renovations or repairs;

5) when personal information is recorded in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting;

6) when information is publicly known.

  1. Access to Personal Information

Individuals are entitled to request access to records of their own personal information. However, individuals are not entitled to information about other individuals unless those individuals provide consent. For example, if a complaint is made about a unit, information about who made the complaint will only be provided if the complainant consents.