No Smoking Policy Doesn’t Have to Wait

no smoking

Judging from the news clippings appearing under my door, there is real concern in our community about the recent condo fire.

Condo Fire Edmonton July 2014

As previously announced, the board is initiating a by-law review to be brought to the budget meeting in late October, early November. Date TBA.

Meanwhile, every owner has the right to their own no smoking policy and the responsibility to ensure anyone smoking on their premises, including balconies and patios, extinguishes and disposes of all smoking material safely.

As for a building policy, let’s get the conversation rolling.

Please think about this issue, do some research, and talk to your board members when you see us out and about, or drop us a line in Box 41. And if there are other by-law changes you want to see, let us know about those too.

Smoke Free Condos: an Ontario site so some of the details are different in Alberta but the broader message applies.

Smoke-Free Housing Canada, also has an interesting article. Scroll down past the landlords part to find the section related to condos.