Move In/Move Out Policy & Procedures

Amended: 2016-07-14                                                                                      

A move in or out of the building involves everyone: building security if exterior doors are unattended, possible damage to common property, and considerable inconvenience to others when the elevator is out of use. Therefore, the Board has adopted the following policies and procedures to provide clarity, consistency and fairness to all.

The following procedures and fees apply when moving in or out of the Chanticleer:

  • Contact the Property Management Company as soon as possible to book your move and pay the security deposit, see below. Do this before you book a moving company/truck etc. to avoid conflict with another move or event in the building. 780-203-4105 or
  • Failure to book a move with the management company in advance will result in a $200 fine to be assessed against the unit.
  • Moves can only be accommodated between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • The elevator, if needed for your move, must be booked in advance as well so that the pads will be in place and adequate notice can be given to residents. Out of courtesy to your fellow residents please try to avoid having the elevator out of service to others as little as possible.
  • The Chanticleer Condominium Corporation requires, for security purposes, that all moves be monitored. The fee for this monitoring service has been set at $25 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. This includes use of the elevator, if required. Charges will begin at the time indicated on your booking and will end when the move is completed and the monitor’s form is signed.
  • A security deposit of $200 must be paid in advance for all moves. The move monitor fee and costs of repair of any damages will be deducted from this deposit. The unused portion will be refunded as soon as possible. For rental units: the security deposit will be charged to the unit owner.
  • To avoid disputes over damages, please review your moving route with the move monitor on the day of the move and note any pre-existing damage to common areas along the way on the form provided. You are responsible for any damages created during your move.
  • Moves must be made through the front door. No moves through the courtyard. No heavy vehicles are allowed on the parkade ramp. Ground floor units should be accessed through the hallways to avoid damage to patio walls and landscaping. Repair of any damage incurred will be charged to the unit owner.



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