Moving Policy & Procedures

Moving Policy & Procedures

Amended: 2020-12-14

Moving a home can be an exciting and challenging process. This policy sets out the responsibilities of the individual(s) moving ( the “Mover”), the Condominium Board ( the “Board”) and the Property Management and Monitor (the “Agents”) and how to book your move. For the purposes of this policy, “damage” means damage to common areas and not the unit involved in a move.

Responsibilities of the Mover:

  1. Organize your move by following the steps in “Book Your Move” (see below);
  2. Owner responsibilities include:

a) paying the security deposit. In the case of a tenant, the Owner is responsible for providing the security deposit unless it is provided directly by the tenant. (Please note: in the case of a disagreement between an Owner and tenant, the Board or the Agents will not be involved in determining who will pay the security deposit) 

b) reminding tenants of this policy and any policies, procedures or By-laws that are relevant to their move in or out of Chanticleer

c) payment for damage attributable to a move, whether caused by the owner, tenant or individuals performing the move

3.Be courteous and minimize the inconvenience to fellow residents;

4. Avoid property damage, whether you move yourself or hire professional movers; 

5. If a moving pod is required: 

a) consent from the Board must be received prior to delivery regarding duration and location of the pod on the street in front of the Chanticleer building, and

b) the Mover must immediately remove the pod if it contravenes the consent provided by the Board, see 5.a.

Responsibilities of the Board:

  1. Ensuring the Agents respond in a timely manner and act in accordance with this policy;
  2. Respond in a timely manner regarding matters requiring Board involvement; and
  3. Investigate and respond to any problems which arise as a direct result of a move.

Responsibilities of the Agents:

  1. Fulfilling the duties of property management or monitor; and
  2. Seek guidance from the Board in accordance with 2) or 3) listed under “Board responsibilities”.


  1. Contact the Property Management Company  as soon as possible, advising of the 

a)date and time of your moving plans, and 

b) if the elevator is required. 

Property Management will acknowledge your booking request as soon as possible, advise of any conflicts or concerns and collaborate with you to find alternatives if necessary.

Bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis and subject to availability of the Agents. 

Moves are completed between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., unless prior written consent is received from the Board or Property Management.

2. Pay the security deposit discussed below in “Security Deposit and Monitoring Fees”. Your moving reservation will not be processed until the security deposit is received. 


  1. A security deposit of $200 is payable and will be used to cover 

a) the Monitor fee, and 

b) costs of repair of any damage. 

If damage repair exceeds the security deposit, the Board will pursue additional payment for damage repair; 

2. For security purposes, the Board will hire the Monitor. The hourly fee is $25, with a minimum of 3 hours and is deducted from the security deposit.

3. Any unused portion of the security deposit will be refunded as soon as possible.


  1. To avoid disputes over potential damage to common areas, 

a) the moving route through the common areas will be reviewed and agreed to by the Mover and Monitor prior to the start of the move. The Monitor has authority to alter a moving route through the common areas.

b) the Mover and Monitor will make a record of any pre-existing damage to common areas along the agreed moving route.

2. If a consent to use the elevator is included in the booking, 

a) protective pads will be installed in the elevator prior to the move, and 

b) advance notice to fellow residents of limited elevator availability will be posted. 

Out of courtesy to your fellow residents, please avoid having the elevator out of service to others as little as possible, with particular consideration for residents with disabilities or larger items or loads.

If the protective pads are not installed in accordance with the booking, moving items that may cause damage must be delayed until installation occurs. The Agents will make every effort to remedy this situation as quickly as possible. The Mover is responsible for costs incurred if they did not request use, or did not receive consent to use the elevator. 

3. Moves are through the front door only. No moves are permitted through the courtyard or parking garage. 

4. Moving vehicles are not allowed on the parkade ramp. 

5. Ground floor unit moves must be through the hallways to avoid damage to patio walls and landscaping. 

6. The Monitor will be present at the front door at all times during the move. If the Monitor requires to be away from the door, the resident must follow any instructions given by the Monitor.

Good luck and best wishes for a stress free move.