Maintenance, Repairs and Renovations Policies and Procedures


The corporation is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all common property, including common property designated as exclusive use, such as balconies and parking stalls.

Common property includes:

  • Everything beyond the drywall and below the flooring
  • Windows and exterior doors
  • The heating system

Plumbing & Heating:

  • Water shut offs to a unit or stack of units must be handled by the Chanticleer Board approved plumber, at the unit owner’s expense, even if another plumber is doing the work within the unit.
  • Except in case of emergency, the property manager should be given a minimum of 48 hours notice when a corporation plumber or other trades person is required. For example, to do a water shut off so work can be done in a unit.
  • Alterations or repairs to the common property plumbing systems may only be done by the Chanticleer Board approved plumber, at the request of the Board or property manager.
  • Alterations or repairs to the heating systems may only be done by the Chanticleer Board approved plumber, at the request of the Board or property manager.

Repairs and maintenance of individual units are the responsibility of the owners and/or tenants as per their lease agreement. This includes garbage removal of over-sized items, appliances and construction waste. Please refer to the City of Edmonton’s reference guide to  What Goes Where.

Communicate Before You Renovate: 

Do you remember the ad campaign, Dial Before You Dig? Utility companies used it to warn property owners of the dangers of digging before knowing where gas and electrical lines were buried. Dialling might be an outmoded concept but the message is still valid. For condo owners, however, Communicate Before you Renovate, is perhaps a better slogan.

Communicate: with the property manager or the Board (Box 41)

What?  Your plans: what work you are doing and approximately when. It is really important to know if your changes affect common property. Unauthorized changes, even needed repairs, to common property can become costly expenses for an owner. Common property includes the heating system, windows, parts of walls, sub-flooring, patios/balconies and more.

Why?  To save yourself from unforeseen expenses and potential problems as well as avoiding conflict with your neighbours. The board and management do not want to interfere with your desire to improve your living space. We do, however, have valuable information that can save you needless expense.

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