Elevator Issues

Did you know?

If you are stuck in the elevator, do not panic.

  • The emergency phone in the elevator will put you directly in contact with the elevator repair people. Please use it if stuck.
  • Someone will be dispatched immediately to get you out, and to repair the elevator.
  • This is covered by the service contract and does not incur extra charges.

Bad news: The elevator sometimes makes weird noises.

Good News: The elevator is operated by a hydraulic lift, not cables, so it can’t free fall. Don’t you feel better now?

Please, Be a good Elevator Neighbour:

Some of our residents have mobility issues and depend on the elevator. They must plan around elevator availability.

  • always pre-book the elevator for a move
  • if your time of use changes, make sure the notices get changed

    Sunshine on the snowdrifts makes me happy...
    Sunshine on the snowdrifts makes me happy…