Call to Meeting and Updates from the Board

Special Meeting of the Chanticleer Condominium Corporation

Thursday November 13 at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Chinese Catholic Church, next door.

  • Presentation of the new budget: discussion and opportunity for input
  • Bylaw changes: information and discussion

Board News & Current Issues

The September board meeting included an opportunity to discuss insurance claim protocol and proposed bylaw changes with the corporation’s legal counsel, Victoria Archer.

  • The list of proposed changes will be posted soon and will include information about the voting process.

Bike Parking

  • We currently have no exterior bike parking facilities. The railings and front stairs are not to be used for this purpose.
  • Is there a need or desire for exterior bike parking? Box 41 awaits your input.

Late night Noise or Security Concerns

  • If you feel threatened or in danger call 911
  • Nuisance but non-emergency situations (780) 423-4567 or Mobile Access: #377
  • New : Report a Crime On-line 

Help Wanted: Privacy Officer

  • The Board is looking for a volunteer to help develop a privacy policy and to ensure board and management policy and practices conform to current legislation, the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  • Please contact Ric or the Board if you are willing and able to help with this task.

Planter Problems

  • As the gardening season draws to a close the Board reminds all residents that planters need to be on the inside of the railings, not hanging on the exterior or straddling the top. Please remove planters that do not conform, and plan to have them inside next year.

Education Opportunity: Highly recommended and Free!

Condo 101

  • Next session Thursday October 16 at 6:30 PM. Pre-registration required.
  • As CCI members we can send up to 4 participants to each session. Those of us who attended the September session found it to be quite informative. The question and answer format was particularly useful and appreciated.
  • The CCI web site is also a great resource. Sign in to get access to their excellent magazine as well as a question and answer forum. Our Board secretary also has paper copies of the magazine if interested.

For Inquiring Minds

  1. What is that wind tunnel effect we sometimes experience by the elevator at the parkade level?
  2. No worries. That noise and rush of high air pressure is caused by the intake fan that creates air exchange for the parkade.