Bicycle Parking Policy

Chanticleer Condominium Corporation Bicycle Parking Policy

June 5, 2017


The Board is committed to ensuring accessible and secure indoor parking for cyclists residing in the building, within the physical limitations of the property itself.

  • The goal is to ensure lockable parking for at least one bicycle per unit and more as space permits.
  • Further, the integrity of the parkade structure, including the post-tension cabling system, must be considered when placing bicycle parking.

Bicycle Parking Policy:

  • Bicycle entry to the building shall be via the parking structure.
  • Only residents of the Chanticleer may park bicycles in the parkade.
  • As per the corporation By-laws, bicycles may only be parked in designated bicycle parking areas.
  • In the parkade, all two wheeled bicycles must use the numbered racks assigned by the Corporation.
  • Three wheeled bicycles, bike trailers, strollers, etc. may only be stored in a designated area, and as space permits.
  • Visitors to the Chanticleer shall park in outdoor designated visitor parking when available.
  • Bicycles are parked at the bicycle owner’s risk and responsibility.
  • Bicycle racks in the common areas of the parking structure shall be assigned to units as requested, for as long as needed, but remain the property of the condominium association.
  • Lock-ups will be assigned on a first come first served basis, one per unit, unless extras are available. Management will keep a waiting list.
  • Priority in assignment of racks will be given to owner occupied units.
  • refundable damage and lock-removal deposit of $100 for the first rack requested by a unit and $50 for each subsequent rack assigned to the same unit, payable to the Chanticleer Condominium Corporation must be received before a rack is assigned. Management will notify applicants when a rack is assigned for their use.
  • Units assigned the use of more than one rack may be required to give up use of a rack to accommodate a unit without a rack. In such case the deposit will be refunded.
  • Racks which are assigned but not used for an extended period may be re-assigned. In such case the deposit will be refunded.