Balcony and Parking Stall Storage, Garbage and Clutter

The Bylaws require that balconies and parking stalls be kept free of unauthorized storage, garbage and clutter.

Board Policies & Procedures:

  1. The property manager and building staff will regularly check open balcony and parking stall areas for storage, garbage or clutter.
  2. The property manager will also investigate and respond to any complaints from residents and owners regarding storage, garbage or clutter.
  3. The property manager will notify the unit owner, preferably with a picture of the items in question, and request removal within a stated and reasonable time limit.
  4. Parking stalls: property manager will arrange to have items removed and disposed of upon expiration of the time limit given in the notice. The unit owner will be charged for any disposal expenses including property management time.
  5. Balconies: the property manager will notify the Board of a refusal to comply with the clean up notice and fines will be assessed against the unit as per the bylaws of the corporation.