Highlights from the March Board Meeting


At our most recent meeting, March 21, the Chanticleer Board was delighted to welcome Yassin Osman, our newest member, elected at the AGM in February.

  • Minutes of the January 18 meeting were approved and can be found here.
  • Elevator: As reported at the AGM, the maintenance requirements and longevity of our elevator are under investigation by our property manager. Currently, required maintenance is being done and further research into future upgrades is underway. On behalf of all residents and owners, the Board would like to express our sincere appreciation to Ted, our property manager, for his diligence and dedication in thoroughly investigating all aspects of this issue. We will make a full report to the Chanticleer community as soon as we have all the information necessary to make an action plan. We will also continue to give notice whenever possible in advance of maintenance that takes the elevator out of service for a period of time.
  • Heating: Recent heating issues have been resolved. Please let Ted know, preferably during business hours unless it is an emergency, if you have any issues with heat in your unit. A text message sent at night will get Ted’s attention first thing in the morning.
  • PMR: The installation of the membrane was completed in the Fall and we have received the warranty. Next steps are in progress: insulation, walkways, retaining walls, soil, railings, fencing and eventually planting. I am sure we all look forward to celebrating the completion of this project this summer.
  • Help prevent damage and injury: please do not enter the courtyard area until notice is given that it is safe to do so.

Community News: 

Imagine Jasper Avenue is an important city initiative that affects our neighbourhood. Information and  an opportunity to provide input through their survey is available on their web site.