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Happy News Everyone!

Just when you thought it would never end. Are you tired of getting up early to find a parking space? Or playing the “where did I park my car today” game? Well, as of Friday afternoon your parking woes will

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Correction to the Parkade Closure Dates

Ah, you’ve guessed it already. They will NOT be working in the parkade on the Monday of the long weekend, Nov. 11. So we get an extra day indoors, yeah! See the correct version of the parkade closure schedule here.

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No, It’s not a Hallowe’en Prank

It might be spooky. It might be scary, but that eerily empty parkade is just a sign work continues on those wonderful post tension cables. Good news: you can get your vehicles off the street for Hallowe’en evening and keep

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The Sun is Back and So are the Workers

Yeah sunshine! May it lift the spirits of those who need to park outside next week. Please read the latest October Alert to understand the parking situation. Your co-operation will be rewarded with smiles and warm thoughts from your Condo

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Update to October Alert

If the weather is getting you down, maybe this will cheer you up. Read the changes to the October Alert.

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