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Work Alert

There will be a flurry of activity in April. Please stay tuned for further updates. We appreciate your patience and co-operation as we move forward. April 3 start painting the parkade: parkade will be cleaned and painted in stages. Walls to

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There is a Buzz in the Chanticleer Air

No, it’s not the hum of happy tires in the open parkade, or Ed enjoying his retirement from all the responsibilities of this building. Spring! Yes, plans for Spring to help you through these long winter days. Think way back

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Saving Trees

Yes, your condo board is saving trees, and your hard-earned loonies. The  Chanticleer October Newsletter is now on-line! The last paper copy newsletters were recently delivered and all residents/owners have  the opportunity to help reduce costs by signing up to

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Get Your Vehicle Some Fresh Air: Week 1 of 2

Coming soon to a parkade near you! Time to get our vehicles out of the dark, dusty garage and up into the beautiful streets of Oliver. Please read the latest Manager’s Memo carefully to avoid having your vehicle stuck in

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Good News and Bad News

Good news: the heat is on in the building! Bad news: we need the heat on again. Good news: the building management is attending to the necessary replacement of the post tension cables. Bad news: some of us will have

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Welcome to the Chanticleer Community Forum

This forum is a place for Chanticleer residents and owners to exchange ideas and information related to the community. Please note this page will be moderated. Comments are expected to show respect for others and provide positive suggestions. Do you

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