Board meeting Highlights

Bits from the Board 2017-09

New Board Member

The Board accepted Heather Young-Leslie’s resignation, with regret. We thank Heather for her service to the  Chanticleer community. Heather has been particularly involved in the improved bike racks and as community league liaison.

We welcome Pamela Munoz as the new Chanticleer vice-president.

Crime-Free Multi-Housing

Property Management Communication

  • Please respect our property manager’s time.
  • After hour contact for non-emergency matters can be done by email or Box 41.
  • Text or phone communication outside of business hours should only be for emergency maintenance issues:  leaking water, broken elevator, lack of heat in winter temperature ranges.

Parkade Key Fobs

  • Please report a lost or stolen key fob to the property manager immediately. Many thanks to Maggie for volunteering to assist with deactivation of key fobs as needed.


The minutes of the July 18 Board meeting are now available.