Window Washing and Other Board Notes and Minutes

The minutes of the July board meeting are now posted in the Owners Only section.

Notes from the August meeting:

  •  The board voted to cancel the planned exterior window washing. Savings will offset the higher gas and electrical costs incurred this year. This means individual owners will be responsible for getting their exterior windows washed, if they so wish.
  • The broken tiles on the front stairs will be repaired soon as the temperatures are now more suitable to this kind of work.
  • New hallway directional signage should be appearing soon.

As well as the usual maintenance tasks, Caetano will be attending to some recent maintenance concerns upon his return  from holidays:

  • adjusting/repairing the latch on the back gate
  • clearing leaves in the leaves troughs


  • The date for the special meeting to present the budget and proposed bylaw changes will be announced as soon as we can confirm the room booking. We are looking at mid-November. Stay tuned for more on this.
  • The date for a bicycle area clean-up will be announced soon. If you know of any charity or organization that collects old bicycles or can provide a truck to remove abandoned bicycles please let us know.
  • In an effort to maintain transparency and quality service, the board is preparing performance evaluation tools to assess the management and maintenance providers. This process will be done in consultation and co-operation with all concerned.
  • Next Board meeting Sept. 22: our legal counsel will be in attendance for part of the meeting to discuss insurance and bylaw issues.

Participation Opportunities in Current Initiatives

The Bylaw Review and Energy Assessment initiatives are underway. Please let us know if you wish to be actively involved in either of these areas.

Educational Opportunities

The Chanticleer is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute North Alberta Chapter (CCI). as such, you have access to follow their web site, which has a lot of useful information about condo living and management. They also offer educational programs, some of which are free for members. Their magazine is available in the members section of their web site, and we have some extra hard copies available. Please contact the board secretary via Box 41 if you would like a copy.