Elevator Woes

constructionJuly 2, 2020

Just an update to let you know Ted is working hard to get the elevator back in service, with a long term solution, and it might take another week.

Thank you for your patience and please contact him if you need help during this time.

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Elevator Delays

moversThere will be a move in on Thursday, March 5 in the afternoon. Please be aware of possible elevator delays and plan accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

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Garage Access Notice

The key access on the parkade ramp has been disabled due to a break in. Contact Ted to get a fob if you don’t currently have one and park a vehicle in the garage.

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Door & Gate Security

Please ensure the fence gates and building doors are close properly. They can be affected by these extreme temperatures.

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2019-12-26 to 29 Visiting Dog

Happy Holidays Everyone

There will be a visiting pet in Unit 29 December 26-29 as per the Visiting Pet Policy.
unit 29 visiting dog

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Visiting Dog

Nov. 1-4, 2019 Unit 34 will have a visiting dog.

Thvisiting doge Chanticleer is a dog-free building, and the Board can allow short term exceptions, with advance notice. Please refer to the Visiting Pet Policy, posted on our web site or contact management if you require a written copy.

Should you have any concerns about this visiting pet please contact Ted at 780-203-4105.

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Garage Cleaning Clarification

Ted would prefer to have the garage cleared at 7:30 am this Friday to ensure the equipment and workers can start on time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Security Issues

Let’s all do our part

Please do not let anyone in the building you do not know or are not expecting, including delivery people.

If expecting a delivery when you will not be home, please make arrangements with a neighbour in advance.

No deliveries should be left in the hallway for more than a very brief period, especially ones with fresh food.

Also any notices stuck on a door, unless placed by a sheriff or police, should be removed for security purposes. They are a clear advertisement that no one is home.

We can all help maintain building security: Please slide these kinds of items under the door if possible, or remove them. This applies to anything left in the hallway by a unit: flyers, notices, newspapers etc.

Contact the building manager if you have concerns or need help dealing with an ongoing issue.

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Spring Cleaning Dates

Window Washing Saturday May 25

Note: balcony & patio windows will only be done if someone is home to give access.

garage cleaning

Garage Cleaning Friday June 7

Please remove anything from the floor space, vehicles, bikes, scooters etc. by 8 am.


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Condo Expo Session for Owners

2019 ACE -Condo Owner Session

As a condo owner it is important to be informed about the changes to condo legislation and how they affect you as an owner.

Click the link above for registration information.

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