Visiting Dog Unit 29

Unit 29 will have a visiting dog overnight, April 19visiting dog, in accordance with the visiting pet policy.

Should you have any concerns about our temporary guest, please contact Ted at 780-203-4105.

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Water Warning & Vote Reminder

water shut offWater Shut Off

Monday March 19

9-11 am

All units ending in 9 only


voteAll Owners

We need to hear from everyone!

Please vote on the proposed bylaw changes.

Return your ballots to Box 41 asap.

Contact HPM if you do not have the ballots.

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Break & Enter Warning

There has been a lot of break & enter activity in the Oliver neighbourhood in the last month. Please help keep our building safe by exercising caution and report any theft or suspicious activity to the police.

We can all do our part if we :

  • stop and make sure no one follows us into the parking garage
  • do not leave valuables in our vehicle
  • ensure exterior doors, including the fence gates, are closed and locked after us
  • only hold a door open for people we recognize
  • only buzz in people we expect and/or know
  • meet delivery people at the entry when possible
  • never leave an exterior door propped open and unattended
  • report any burnt out hallway, parkade or exterior lights to management
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Visiting Dog

Just a reminder that unit 24 will have a visiting dog this week, January 8-13, in accordance with the visiting pet policy.

Should you have any concerns about our temporary guest, please contact Ted at 780-203-4105.visiting dog

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Almost There…

Many thanks to Ted for completing the garbage area renewal, including the new gates. the recycling bin is still in the alley because the city will be replacing it tomorrow, Dec. 22. The new recycling bin will move inside the fence with the regular garbage.

Thanks to all residents for your patience throughout this process. You can now access the garbage area from the parking garage, or the courtyard, as before this construction. Your building key will allow entrance from the lane.

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Minutes & Merriment

The minutes of the October Board meeting have now been posted.


The merriment will be in unit 24 on December 22. We do hope you will be able to drop by between 7 & 10. Posters are in the elevator and mail room.

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Tech Trouble

Ted has had some issues with his phone recently, seems an upgrade was needed.

If you made a request by text between October 31 and November 6 but haven’t had any action or response from him please resend you message, same number. Include your name, Chanticleer, & unit number in the message. Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

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Visiting Dog this Weekend

visiting dogPlease note that Unit 4 will have a four-legged guest this weekend who promises to be on his best behaviour.

As a reminder to all our residents: The Chanticleer is a dog-free building but the Board can make short-term exceptions, upon request.

A minimum three-week notice for a first-time visit, and one week for a return visit allows the Board enough time to consider and respond to a request.

Should you have any concerns about our temporary guest, please contact Ted at 780-203-4105


Oct. 27, 2017

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Water Shut Off Notice

water shut off

Water will be shut off for about an hour on Monday October 30.

 Approximately 9-10 am.

Will affect all units ending in “6” and possibly those ending in “8”.

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Halloween is coming!

halloweenOliver Community League is asking if we would like to participate in handing out treats. If so, they will add us to their map.
How can you help?

Contribute candy and/or help me hand out treats on Tuesday Oct 31 from 4PM – 9PM.

If you are interested please contact me, Lori Unit #5. See posters in elevator and mail room for contact info.

I would like to reply to the Community League ASAP. Thanks!

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