Property Management

Homestead Property Management (HPM)

Ted & Shirley

The property management company oversees maintenance, financial administration and bylaw enforcement for the corporation at the direction of the Board, following Board policies and procedures.

Our Property Manager, Ted Appelman, provides 24 x 7 building maintenance emergency response.  In the event of a building maintenance emergency, call or text Ted: 780-203-4105 immediately! Phone Calls and Text:  for emergencies only please! 

Building Maintenance Emergencies:

Leaking water, broken elevator, lack of heat in winter, garage door malfunction.

Fire or Personal Safety Issues: call 911 

Business Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday

Administrative and Non-Emergency Matters:

  1. Email:  anytime, describe the issue
  2. Letter to Box 41:  anytime, addressed to Manager or Board , nature of request and follow up method preferred, phone, text or email.

Note: For contact methods include the follow up method preferred, phone, text or email.

All non-emergency correspondence will be will be dealt with as soon as possible during regular business hours.


Cell: 780-203-4105 (call or text)


regular mail: Box 41 in the mail room

Please Remember to Notify Ted in Advance, by email,  when:

  • you plan a move in or out of the building
  • you need to move a large item that might damage the elevators if unprotected
  • you need to cut off power or water that will affect areas outside your suite
  • you are doing repairs, renovations or maintenance that affect common property

Who does what around here?

Job Descriptions:

 Property Managers: HPM, Ted & Shirley Appelman
  – Bookkeeping, Maintenance Supervision, Bylaw Enforcement Issues
Grounds Maintenance: Earth Legacy.  
Arinna and her crew: establishment of, and ongoing garden maintenance, front and back. Their work includes weeding, light pruning, watering as needed and sidewalk snow removal in winter.
Move In/Out Monitor: arranged through the property manager.
Residents are welcome to apply to the property manager if interested in this position. It is good to have back up.
BOOK your move times through HPM (see above) as per the move in/out policy.

The Chanticleer Condominium Corporation Board

Under the provisions of the Alberta Condominium Properties Act, the Board is responsible for the management of the finances, maintenance and operation, including by-law enforcement.

A detailed description of the Duties of a Board and Corporation can be found in the Chanticleer corporation bylaws, section 7.

Chanticleer Board Position Descriptions –updated Sept. 2017

Messages and letters for the Chanticleer Board should be left in Box 41 in the mail room.

Please Note: If you expect a response to your message be sure to include your name and contact information. Anonymous letters will be ignored!

Current Chanticleer Condominium Association Board Members

President: Brenda Jackson

Vice-President: Yassin Osman

Treasurer: Maggie Lair

Secretary: Sebastian Larochelle

Director-at-large: Chantelle McNichol

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