Lost & Found:


Found: Storage Locker Issues

Each unit has one assigned storage locker. The number on the door of the locker corresponds to the unit number.

We have had two complaints recently of owners finding their locker occupied by someone else’s items. Obviously whoever left these items risks losing them.

  • Please do not occupy someone else’s space without permission, preferably written permission.
  • Owners: please help avoid the problem by putting a lock on your storage area, even if empty.
  • People seeking extra storage space are welcome to post a small notice on the board in the mail room. We can also post a message for you on the web site if you leave a note in Box 41 or email chanticleerweb@gmail.com.

Lost: Bike Issues

No bikes were removed from the parkade by management on Saturday. Unclaimed bikes were chained together in one of the bike racks and can be retrieved by contacting Ted. Deadline May 31, after which the abandoned bikes will be removed from the premises and donated.

Notices: Please identify the unit and date on any notices. Space is limited.