Fix Bill 9: Urgent Action Required

The CCI urges all condominium owners to contact their MLA to encourage them to delay the passage of Bill 9, the government’s proposed changes to the Condominium Act, which will be followed by as yet unpublished changes to the regulations. The capacity crowd at the meeting at the Chateau Louis last night showed overwhelming support for the CCI’s proposed amendments to this legislation.

The CCI recognises that some of the changes in this legislation are a step in the right direction, but it clearly falls short on many items. Hasty passage of Bill 9 will create more problems than it resolves.
The government has been promising this legislation for 5 years. Now they want to push this bill through before the holiday break. Why the sudden rush to pass this bill without consultation and review by impacted parties?
If you are a condominium owner, you are an impacted party.
Please read the information on the CCI website and get involved. Our MLA needs to hear from you.
Contact Information for our MLA, Edmonton Centre
Laurie Blakeman


Mail (postage required for MLA’s): 

Suite #3, 9908-109 Street

Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1H5

Phone: 780-414-0743
Fax: 780-414-0772