Chanticleer Information Updates

Minutes of the November Special Meeting and the October 20 Board Meeting have now been posted.

Notes of general interest from the December Board Meeting

The board and management welcome input from owners and residents.

Communication confidentiality: 

  • If you have concerns about the confidentiality of  a message posted in Box 41 please use a sealed envelope.
  • Clearly indicate the recipient: Board, Manager, or a particular Board member.
  • As always, anonymous messages will not be accepted.

Parkade Membrane Replacement:

  • initial  planning stages stages of this major project are underway
  • construction to begin in the Spring
  • this will necessitate re-landscaping the whole courtyard area
  • stay tuned for opportunities for input on the new courtyard landscaping

Hall Carpet Replacement

  • Floors 1 and 2 will be getting new carpets soon.

Elevator Use Advanced Notice is Essential to our Residents:

  • We would like to ensure at least 24 hours notice when the elevator will be out of service for a move.
  • Please advise the a manger as quickly as possible when planning a move or when moving circumstances change.

Proposed Bylaw Changes

  • changes that received strong support at the November meeting have been forwarded to the Chanticleer lawyer for review of the wording
  • further changes might need to be considered if Bill 9 and new regulations are passed as quickly as the government now proposes
  • further information will be provided before voting occurs