Changes to the Condo Act Regulations

The Alberta government has published an important survey with a deadline for response of July 31. You don’t have to answer every question, or finish the survey in one sitting. There is also space to write comments and suggest alternatives and solutions.

The results of this survey will affect the new condominium regulations and all condo owners. Although many changes are welcome and important, some have the potential to inflict unrealistic expectations and heavy administration costs on condominium corporations. This is not light summer reading but it is important.

The Canadian Condominium InstituteĀ  Northern Alberta Chapter recently held an information session and has provided the slides with commentary and concerns. Please read, consider and respond to the survey before July 31.

Stage 2- CCI Proposed Regulations Info Session- July 12 2018

If you feel you don’t have enough time to consider these changes and their consequences, please at least let Service Alberta know that by your comments in the survey. You could also contact our MLA, David Shepherd.

There are many questions about these regulations. Here are a few to consider:

  • Do these regulation changes support good condominium governance?
  • Are there things that need to be spelled out more clearly? Added? Deleted?
  • Are both owners and boards held accountable by these regulations?
  • What documents do we really need sent to every owner before an AGM or Special meeting and in what format, paper or electronic?
  • What is the cost of preparing, sending and storing documents?


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