Condo Owner Essentials: Free!

Condo Owner Essentials: Understanding Condo Living
Lzeimusu_Thumbtack_note_ImportantET’S FILL THE REMAINING SEATS! We’ve decided to make these sessions FREE (with a food bank donation) to EVERYONE if they register before Friday, May 4! Why should you attend this session?
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities goes a long way in protecting what is likely your biggest financial asset!
  • Education is often the key to solving most common condo problems!
  • More informed owners provides a larger pool of candidates to choose from when electing a Board of Directors.
This new session is perfect for condo owners or those looking to become a condo owner! It’s an introductory course that will help owners understand their rights and responsibilities, discuss duties of a landlord, and also how to address issues with your board, manager or resident. We’ll also touch on Governance, Financial and Maintenance obligations and identify key documents every owner should have!
There are two sessions available: one in the morning from 9 – 11 am and one in the afternoon from 1 – 3 pm.
Click here to register.
Click here for the event poster. Help us spread the word by forwarding it to a friend or including it in your condo building.

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