New Garage Door Fobs Info

The new garage door fobs:
  • are pre-programmed to work with our door, they have a one-year warranty (return to Ted if not working properly within the warranty year and he will look after replacement)
  • you can replace the battery yourself as needed
  •  you cannot use any other type of “universal opener” with this new garage door system
  • if you need a replacement fob after the warranty year is up or you need an additional one, request through Box 41 with cheque (no cash) for $40
  • if you no longer need one of the fobs for which you have paid $40, and it is in good working order, return it to Ted and he will refund your $40
  • Ted can arrange to deactivate any fob as required for building security purposes. Please report a lost or stolen fob immediately.

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