March Board Meeting Highlights


  • Appreciation to all who attended the AGM, and to our Property Management Team for preparation of supporting documents.
  • The new location for the AGM was reviewed with generally favourable comments.

Minutes have been posted


  • Income and spending are on track with the budget and time of year.
  • Some budget adjustments have been made to accommodate the security updates in progress. This does not affect the overall expenditures or income needs for the year.

Building Security

  • The Property Manager and Board President attended a two-day seminar on Crime Free Multi Housing sponsored by the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) and received certification in this program.
  • Step 2: the EPS will inspect our building and grounds and make security recommendations based on 7 criteria for condos.
  • Step 3: when we are in compliance the building will be certified, and registered with the Crime Free Multi-Family Housing Program. Expected to occur within 6 months of initial inspection.
  • Step 4: we will host a social event for all residents and owners to meet the EPS Crime Free Multi-Family Housing team and receive information about safety issues and maintaining this partnership with the Police Service. Expected to occur in late August in the courtyard. Stay tuned for updates.


  • Water shut off keys have been given to all units. If you did not get one, please contact Ted. We are preparing an information sheet for use of this tool. To be posted/distributed soon.
  • April will be a busy maintenance month as per notices that have been posted. Please keep an eye on the notice boards in the elevator and above the cork board in the mail room.
  • Watch for a new, larger notice board coming to the mail room soon.

New Doors & Key Exchange

  • The new doors on the parkade level will be installed this week and the building is being re-keyed. See notices for key exchange times and locations.

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