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Bits from the Board January 2017

hoar-frost-on-119-stHappy New Year All!

Highlights from the January 5 Board Meeting

Annual General Meeting (AGM): All Owners requested to Attend or Submit a Proxy

  • When? February  2017  contact property manager for your package.
  • Where? Our Parents’ Home, 10112 119 St., 14th floor meeting room
  • Why? Yearly Financial reports, Election of Board Members (2 positions), Important Information for Owners. Full agenda and documents to follow.

Water Shut Off Keys

  • Will be distributed at the AGM, see above, with information for use. Meanwhile contact the property manager if you need a shut off to do work or have a plumbing emergency.

Communication Issues

First, many thanks to Ted, our property manager, for his diligence in following up on maintenance concerns and taking the time to research useful and cost effective solutions.

This is not a new building and sometimes what appears to be a simple repair can be much more complicated. The broken door handle leading to the garage is an excellent example. These handles are no longer produced and finding one in stock was a challenge. The Board is considering future options, see security issues below.

The Board asks all residents to report repair issues to the manager and to follow up, first with him, then with the Board, if they have concerns about how maintenance is being handled. Unsigned comments on building notices are both rude and ineffective. Polite questions and concerns will be addressed.

Leave a note in Box 41 for either the manager or the Board. The manager can also be contacted via email or text.

Security Issues

After the recent break ins your Board president invited the Edmonton Police Service to visit the building and make recommendations for improved security. The Board and management are following up on these recommendations with the following actions. However, vigilance by all, is still the best security, including ensuring all doors lock after us when we enter or exit the building.

  • The parkade door activation hose is being moved forward to reduce the time the door is open. Please pause and ensure no one enters behind you.
  • Locks have been installed on the storage areas in the parkade. The code has been emailed to owners, who are expected to pass it on to renters as needed. Please contact the manager if you did not receive it.
  • Lighting is being improved around all building entrances, particularly the parkade, with increased fixtures or LED wattage as needed.
  • The Board has requested estimates for painting the parkade walls and ceiling to improve lighting.
  • Secure Bicycle racks are being ordered and will be installed as soon as possible.
  • Security camera options are being investigated.
  • Replacement of existing door locks with either a new key or fob system is being investigated.
  • Options for the doors that do not always close well are being investigated.
  • The Chanticleer will authorize the Edmonton Police Service as Agents for the building so they can follow up on suspicious activity without procedural delays. Signage provided by the police service will be installed.

November Board Minutes

The November 30 Board minutes have now been posted.

Oliver Community League News

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