Crime Prevention

The recent bicycle thefts in the building have raised a number of concerns about building security. We have consulted with the Edmonton Police Service and want to assure all owners and residents that the Board and Management take this seriously. We are currently reviewing and planning improved security measures for the building.

Please do report any thefts or trespassing to the police.

  • Consider moving your bike(s) to a more secure location until new racks and improved security can be installed .
  • Remove any quick release seats or wheels from your bike and store in a more secure location.

Also, please remember that building security is everyone’s business and requires some adjustments to our habits.

  • Stop and check that the doors actually close and lock as we enter / exit the building, especially in cold weather when the temperatures seem to affect the door closure mechanism.
  • Stop and check that no one is following you into the garage or building.
  • As you are leaving the building, if there is anyone standing around at the top of the ramp, pause and ensure the door has closed before driving away.
  • Never let anyone enter the building you do not recognize unless they show you a building key.
  • Make sure anyone who buzzes your apartment is someone you know or expect. Meet delivery people at the door if you were not expecting them.

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