Water Update: Preventative Measures

In the last year we have had 3 plumbing incidents resulting in damages to the unit with the problem and adjacent areas. These incidents involved bathroom hot water taps that came off when opened. The pressure of the uncontrolled water fills the bathtub extremely quickly resulting in flooding. Damages and costs resulting from this kind of incident are charged to the unit owner.

To avoid this problem  we highly recommend all owners of suites with the original taps, see picture, have them checked by a plumber or someone with plumbing experience.



Note: should you have uncontrolled water flow in your suite contact Ted immediately. Make sure you have his number in your phone or posted where you can find it in a hurry so he can give you directions for emergency water shut off.

If you can’t reach Ted immediately contact your nearest Board member. Current Board members are in Units 36, 29, 23, 15, and 13. We encourage all owners/residents to keep this information posted for emergency reference as well.



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