Shivering Pansies! October Update

It’s only October. How can this be?

Here are some warm thoughts from the October Board meeting.

Bicycle Survey

We are asking all residents, whether you have a bike or not, to please complete this short survey as soon as possible to assist us in our planning and installation of better/more secure bike racks. Current bike owners, you will need to measure the width of your handle bars before doing the survey. Click here to go to the survey.


Most of the meeting was spent reviewing the proposed budget for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for the final version, to be posted before the end of the month.


The Board approved a contract for pest control in response to the annual Fall mouse invasion. Please check your unit for signs of mouse activity, ensure there is no food source available to our furry friends, and contact Ted  if you have mouse activity in your unit. He will follow up in accordance with the Pest Control Policy.

Snow Removal

You will be happy to know the Board approved a snow removal contract as part of the reorganisation of the property maintenance tasks.

Staff Change

Due to work conflicts David Williamson is unable to continue as Move In/Out Monitor. We welcome Ceilidh Evans to the position. Bookings for this service are done through the property manager following the Move In/Out Policies & Procedures. Many thanks to Mary Masson for her willingness to continue as our back up person for this position.

AGM Date

Please mark your calendar now for the next Annual General Meeting, Thursday, February 23, 2017.

Minutes of the September 14 Board meeting are now available.

Next Board Meeting: November 30

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