Reminders and September Board Meeting Highlights

Hope you are enjoying the lovely turn in the weather. The September Board meeting covered a range of topics and we’d like to pass on some reminders and highlights.


Please respect Ted’s personal time.

Do not call or text  the Property Manager outside of business hours unless it is an emergency. When and how to contact the property manager is clearly outlined on the Property Management page of this web site. Water leaks are an emergency. Call  or text immediately.

  • Emails can be sent any time. They will be checked the next business day.
  • Notes can be left in Box 41. They will be checked when the property manager is in the building, at least once a week.

Building security is everyone’s responsibility.

Moves in or out of the building must be booked in advance and coordinated by the management company. Please read and follow the Move In/Out Policy and Procedures.

 Board Meeting Highlights

Board and management did a walk around the common property before the meeting to observe and discuss upcoming maintenance needs as several projects have recently been completed and we are heading into budget preparation time for the new fiscal year, beginning November 1.

  • Priorities were set for items that need to be dealt with now and some projects which will be scheduled for Spring.
  • Estimates will be secured for projects scheduled for Spring and included in the new budget.
  • Please note some of these items were included in this year’s budget and funds are being held in reserve for their completion.

Pest Control Policy



It is that time of year again when the critters start looking for warm places. Please check for signs of mice and contact management as quickly as possible.

In our ongoing efforts to provide clear communication about how things are done  at the Chanticleer, the Board adopted a pest control policy to outline how these issues are handled.

We encourage all residents to report the presence or suspicion of insect or rodent infestations as soon as possible. No blame will be assigned and costs to remedy the situation will be covered by the corporation.



Visiting Dog

The Board has granted a request from Unit 29 for a visiting dog from Sept. 24-27 as per the usual conditions in the Visiting Pet Policy. Please contact the manager if any noise or cleanliness issues arise during this visit.


Maria Ferreira has taken on some extra responsibilities around the building and David Williamson has joined us as the Move In/Out Monitor. Details are on the Property Management page.

David is also available for handyperson work and has a truck for hauling and disposal. Contact information is on the Property Management page.

Current Projects

  • Repair of tile on front steps.
  • Resolution of drainage issues, particularly at the rear of the courtyard . This will also involve  some changes to the gutters and troughs which might not been completed until Spring.

Spring and Ongoing Projects:

  • Roof and siding replacement to the slanted roofs. It is expected the six remaining roofs will be scheduled over the next 2 years.
  • Foundation repairs, needed but not urgent.
  • Secured garbage area and replacement of concrete pad.
  • Window and patio door replacements (ongoing).

Minutes of the July 12, 2016 Board meeting have been posted.



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