Board Changes, Updates and Party Reminder

New Board Appointment

Due to the resignation of our Treasurer, Les Desmond, the Board has appointed Maggie Lair to fill this position until the next AGM. We thank Les for his service to the community and wish him and Larenda well in their new home. We are also very appreciative that Maggie is willing and able to step into this important role.


  • The Move In/Out Policy has been amended to included a fine for failure to book a move in advance. Please be assured no one in management or on the Board wants to levy a fine; however, we do want to underline the importance of compliance with this policy for security reasons, and out of respect for fellow residents.
  • The Welcome Letter has been updated to reflect recent changes.

Courtyard Party Saturday

Let’s all think positive weather thoughts as we look forward to our celebration in the courtyard Saturday evening. Hope to see you there.

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