An Invitation to Residents and Owners

Fun First:

After all the disruption and many long hours of work, your Board is pleased to invite all Chanticleer residents and owners to a Summer Courtyard Celebration.

The major work is done. Plans for furnishings and planting are ongoing. We hope you will join us to meet your neighbours and celebrate.

When ? Saturday July 23  7pm-9pm (same time on Sunday July 24th in case of rain)

Where? In the Courtyard

What to bring:

  • snacks to share
  • your personal beverage choice
  • glass or mug (preferably unbreakable)
  • small plate (preferably unbreakable)
  • chair

Back to Business

The minutes of the May 31 Board meeting have now been posted.

Highlights from the July 12 Board Meeting

  • An updated Moving Policy and  Procedures was adopted by the Board. All residents and owners are asked to make themselves familiar with these procedures and fees. The policy and procedures are effective immediately.
  • Parking Stall Clutter: The by-laws are clear. Nothing is to be in a parking stall except a vehicle. As tempting as it is to just leave something for a “short time”, please keep your stuff in your vehicle, your designated storage unit, or your apartment. Management will be leaving notices related to offending articles. Items left unattended after notification will be removed and the unit owner will be charged for removal costs. Please note: when the recent by-law changes come into effect approved storage cupboards will be allowed in parking stalls. The key word being “approved”. The Board is currently developing an approval policy and will post when available. Articles left outside a future approved storage cupboard will still be unacceptable and subject to removal at cost.
  • Building & Grounds Maintenance Contract Changes: the Board and management have completed a maintenance review and developed new contracts to reflect the current and projected needs. Job descriptions and service provider information will be posted as it is finalized.

Vigilance Please

P1130944Using plant pots as an ashtray, indoors or out, leads to devastating consequences. Please be informed, be careful, and ensure your visitors are aware of the issue.

Fort MacMurray had enough trouble without this. Read about it here.


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