Courtyard Update, Bylaws and Dogs

The Board has had two brief meetings this month before our regular meeting at the end of the month.

Courtyard Project:

  • Since the courtyard project is coming to a close we had a financial review of the paid and projected expenses related to the courtyard  and landscaping to ensure we are on track to  finish with a healthy reserve going into the next fiscal year.  We are happy to report the numbers are looking good. Minutes of these meetings will be posted when approved at the next regular Board meeting.
  • Plant material has been ordered and installation should start very soon.
  • The cement pads at the ends of the walkways and the gate will also be installed soon. The gate will have a lock on the outside that uses the current building key.
  • The area around the garbage bins will also be enclosed for better security and cleanliness.

Bylaw Amendments:

Ballots for the vote on the bylaw amendments were distributed  to all owners before the AGM in February.

Enough ballots have now been cast and the Board has approved the results of the vote.

Five of the six amendments passed, the No Smoking bylaw, to extend a smoking ban to all areas of the property, was defeated.

Please note that smoking in common areas is still prohibited by law. 

The Board would like to thank all owners who participated in this democratic process. The threshold for a special resolution to pass is an affirmative response by 75% of the owners and these owners must represent 75% of the unit factors. This threshold was met or exceeded for the 5 other bylaws.

The updated bylaws will be published on the web site as soon as they have been registered.


We have had two dogs visiting in the building recently. One is still with us. Both dogs are service dogs and the one currently residing in the building is with family of one of our owners. These folks are Fort McMurray evacuees. Our hearts go out to them in these difficult times.

This does also bring up the need for a reminder to all owners/residents:

  • Please make yourself familiar with the bylaws regarding animals: 3.14
  • A request to the Board, via the manager, is needed in advance for visiting animals.
  • The bylaws limit the length of stay that can be granted a visiting animal, and permission can be rescinded if there are complaints about the animal’s behaviour.
  • Service dogs are permitted; however, the owner must provide a copy of the license to the management company, preferably in advance, so that the dog’s presence can be communicated to the Board and residents.

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