Highlights from the April 18, 2016 Board Meeting

The minutes of the March 21 Board meeting have now been posted and circulated to those without computers.

Elevator update:

After extensive research by our property manger, we have every reason to believe the elevator is not in imminent need of replacement. Huge sigh of relief all round. We are also looking into improved maintenance options and there may be some short down times for minor component replacement. As always, we will make every effort to provide notice before an elevator shut down.

Courtyard & North Side:

If the weather co-operates the soil should be going into the courtyard beds this weekend, followed by the fence. There is also some finishing cement work to be done at the ends of the walkways. Anxious as we all are to see some greenery out there, planting, of course, will have to wait until it is safe to do so. Please note the new gate in the fence will require a building key to enter from the alley. Exit from the courtyard will not require a key.

Garbage Issues:

  • We are looking into the possibility of enclosing the outside garbage bin area and installing a surveillance camera in that area. Further details will be published when available.
  • As has always been the case, the bin in the mail room is for recycling flyers and unwanted mail only. Please no garbage, especially food waste as this will create odours and potentially attract critters. Increased housekeeping would mean increased costs to all of us.

Front Tile Repair:

Although the weather has been lovely we still have to be patient for a while if we want a tile repair that will last. It has not been forgotten.

Bylaw Changes:

We are still waiting on the stragglers to get their votes in. Please do fill out those ballots and return them via email or to Box 41. Although it is not clear on the form, we would truly appreciate you returning the forms even if you are voting no, just indicate it as such on the form. This way we won’t have to keep bothering you with emails or other follow up.

Questions and concerns can be left for the Property Manager or the Board in Box 41.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 31.

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