AGM, Minutes and Updates

Greetings and Happy New Year Everyone

Please mark your calendar for the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 18 at 7 p.m.

As promised, the change in auditors now allows us to have the AGM earlier in the financial year as the financial statements will be available.

  • Details and AGM packages will be emailed as soon as possible.
  • The ballots for the long awaited bylaw changes should be available before the AGM. The plan is to provide an opportunity for clarification and begin the voting process.

Please note that 3 board positions are due for election at this meeting: President, Secretary and Director-at-Large. The other two positions, Vice-President and Treasurer, are in the first year of a two year term.

Other Board News

A Privacy Policy for the corporation was adopted by the Board at our January  18 meeting and a Privacy Officer will need to be appointed by the Board. Current thinking is that this be added to the job description of the Director-at-Large.

Other Board Policies and Procedures: in an effort to provide clear communication with owners and residents, the Board has been  working on a policies and procedures document. These will be posted as soon as they have been reviewed by all Board members.

PMR update:

  • The engineer’s report confirmed that there are no issues with the post tension cables that need to be dealt with at this time.
  • A display of paving material under consideration for the courtyard pathways will be available soon. Your feedback will be appreciated.
  • Fencing and landscaping will resume as soon as the weather permits.

Heating System: Recent improvements to the heating system appear to be resulting in better climate control throughout the building. Please contact the Property Manager if you are experiencing any problems with the heating.

The minutes of the November 16, 2015 Board meeting have now been posted.


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