PMR update, Mice and Budget Notes

First, thank you to all who cooperated in removing their vehicles from the parkade today.

Mouse sightings? As the weather gets colder the mice seek shelter. Please be vigilant for signs they have visited and contact the property manager so they can be dealt with quickly. Also, stuffing steel wool in cracks around pipes on exterior walls helps prevent them moving from suite to suite.

Parkade Membrane Project Update:

The last bit of work is being done on the actual membrane. The permanent sidewalks and landscaping will not be done until Spring. Meanwhile, temporary walkways will be installed to protect the membrane and provide emergency exits. Please continue to avoid walking through the courtyard, and use the parkade exit to access the lane and garbage area. Also note that the railings have been removed from the rear exterior stairs. They will be replaced when they have been repaired and refurbished, another reason not to use these exits for now.

As promised, we have some explanatory notes for the budget in response to questions that have arisen.

All Owners: please mark your calendars for Feb. 18, 2016, Chanticleer AGM

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