Updates from the Board

It has a busy time for the Board with the parkade membrane project in full swing and the Reserve Fund Study to review. We are very appreciative of the expertise and dedication our property manager brings to both of these areas, as well as attention to ongoing maintenance issues.

Please click here to find

  • Minutes from the September 5 special Board Meeting
  •  A letter to clarify the Board’s position regarding the questions that have been raised about ground floor patios and landscaping
  • Highlights from the September 21 regular Board Meeting

Finally, a gentle reminder about communication and maintenance:

For Maintenance Issues: the first person to contact is the Property Manager

Evening and weekend calls should only be for emergency issues: for example, water leaking that cannot be contained, or property damage that is an immediate health or safety hazard.

Repairs or renovations involving the common property or affecting other units, such as the need to shut off water or power, must be reported to the manager in advance whenever possible, and use contractors approved by the manager.

Note: although it might be convenient for owners to work on their units in their personal leisure time, arrangements for any work involving the common property or other units, should be  made with the manager, in advance, during regular weekday hours.

Our management agreement provides 24/7 emergency service.

Please consider the urgency of the situation before calling after hours.

Business hours: 9:30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

The Board can be contacted, as always, via Box 41.

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