AGM News

Many thanks for a good turnout at the AGM Thursday evening. It is so important to have representation from as many owners as possible at these meetings.

Aside from the ususal AGM business, attendees had an opportunity to hear more and participate in a question period about the PMR project and landscaping plans.

New Chanticleer Board

We welcome our new Vice-President, Heather Young-Leslie and returning members Leslie Desmond (Treasurer), Mary Masson (Secretary, Luis Esteves (Trustee), and Brenda Jackson (President).

Heather and Les were elected for two year terms.

Mary, Luis and Brenda are completing the second year of their two year terms.

As always Board members can be contacted through Box 41.

Please note: First point of contact for safety, maintenance, bylaw and fee payment issues is with the property manager. The manager can be reached by cell, text or Box 41 depending on the urgency of the situation.


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